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Diagram of purification principle of in a container introduced ambient air, by means of decantation of part of or the whole fluid (liquid and/or gaseous), prepacked or stored at first in the container, being stressed out that the involved technique can also be applied to a liquid content.

The aforesaid container is not limitative and does correspond as well to the water demijohn (refrigerated or not) of a water fountain which allows in a private location, for example, to draw a glass of drinking water, as to a room or a building of which one would like to change the contaminated air, for example also, by an air free of bacteria, pathogenic or not.

The example below does concern an aqueous germicidal aerosol realized by intake of compensation air while drawing drinking water from a demijohn, supplying a water fountain, by bubbling of said air in a mini water compartment in contact with a catalytic micro charge, for a gravity type water outflow; in fact, several types of water fountains with different gravity outflow systems are dealt on the market of this element.

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Hydraulic diagram of setting up the catalytic charge
on one of the types of devices dealt on the market.

The example above does concern nothing but the purification of (ambient) air penetrating into the water demijohn while drawing (water) by the user; in compensation of the water drawn. Of course, the concomitant processing of air and water can be realized, but it isn’t described in the current notice, because in principle it isn’t essential for drinking water, in any case at opening of the container, and which would be far more expensive as only air processing.