HOPPAL R&D is a Company for Industrial research in Environmental Technologies

HOPPAL R&D SA, Company for Research and Development in Environmental

Hoppal R&D SA, is a company which was registered in June 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.
The purpose of the company consists in searching and developing environmental technologies based on the synergy of skills of its consultants, i.e. engineering consultants.

Its private research laboratory is Franco-Swiss and works in close cooperation with famous research centres.
The aim of Hoppal R&D isn’t exploiting by itself the fruit of its research at an industrial and/or commercial level, but to offer and favour:
- Either to concerned investors or industrial groups, exclusive partnership agreements in the form of "joint venture", patent transfer or exclusive exploitation rights.
- Or partnerships with governments or public institutions in the frame of Research & Development projects financed by institutional investors.

The "know how" of Hoppal R&D concerns in particular:
- vacuum technologies
- nanotechnologies
- fluid mechanics
- chemical engineering in general*

In addition to its research activities, Hoppal does also perform missions of environmental management and surveys on behalf of the Secretary of the Basel Convention, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Bank and various national cooperation organizations such as EDF, AFD, GTZ, ACDI… etc.

*In this particular field, one of our engineer consultants is holder of an "Award" granted by the U.S.A for having developed a technology of very high purity materials manufacturing (9 N), which has been registered in the international "ISO" file of certified reference materials.



WATER DESINFECTION: 3.14 Technology®
Principal characteristics of the process
- Bacteriostatic in passive mode
- Germicidal in active mode
- Remanent in the processed fluid (germicidal water)
- Does adsorb organic halogen compounds and heavy metals
Tested in Switzerland (Cantonal Supervisory Office for chemical issues, Geneva), SGS Fresenius, is in accordance with the OMS regulations

Industrial Applications:
- Disinfection of consumption water (individual and collective systems)
- Disinfection and dechlorination of process water in the frame of agri-food industries

- Submicron aqueous and germicidal aerosol for air-conditioning plants
- Air processing in water fountains

- Separation of non miscible liquids (patented)/ Microppaloil
- Disinfection of cutting oils / Hoppalox
- Processing of combustion gas by means of basic submicron aerosols (patented)
- Combustion flare for carbonaceous residues resulting from thermolysis (patented)
- Decontamination of PCB transformers by means of vacuum distillation (patented)
- Vacuum thermal decomposition of halogenated waste (patented)
- Vacuum distillation of aqueous effluents (patented)
- Vitrification of asbestos-coated waste (patented)
- Restoration of underground pipework (patented).
- Cooling of thermal engines (patented).
- Antibacterial gel, Hoppagel, agreed by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health,CHZN 1895 (SFPOPH)

- Synthetic resins for the nuclear and aerospace industry under: TS27
- Heat resisting resin for engine lubrication oils under: TS/32
- Anti-graffiti processing under: www.antirouille.ch